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Jun 10, 2024
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Perth Australia
Hey folks.
I can really understand why so many people have a passion for this bike, and what it can do. I first fell in love with the FJR when I hired one in 2008 for a week to tour through Victoria and see the Motogp. The power and handling of this machine had me giggling like a school kid.
Fast forward to 2023 and I decided to purchase an OG 2001 FJR for a project. The next six months on weekends I had great pleasure tearing it to bits, and converting over to track only. I'll add in here that I've been riding and working on bikes for over thirty years. Yamaha machines are mostly a joy to work on. My daily ride is a worked
MT-01 (and I've got another one in the shed)
I've done two track days at different venues and the bike went fantastic. The Clip-ons were the only thing that concerned me but the geometry seems to work.

I understand I have different goals with my FJR than most, if not all of the members.
Oh well. Each to their own.
I just love bikes.



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Have fun. If more weight makes the tires stick in the turns, you have it made. :)
It's a barrel of fun. Speaking of weight, I've personally lost over 25kg since starting the project. With my new carbon Fibre exhaust I think the FJR would have lost the same weight. At six foot six I'll never be a jockey, but I have no problem throwing it around on the track.
: )