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Apr 28, 2024
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La Crosse, WI
Long time rider of older bikes. Started in 1999 on a 76 Wing and moved up to a 1992 ST1100 in the early 2000’s. Rode the ST more than 100,000 miles, taught a couple hundred motorcycle safety courses and needed a break from two wheels. Gave away the ST (it owed me nothing) but the itch never really died, it just dimmed for a bit.

My Honda’s were super reliable and I loved them so why didn't I buy an ST1300? I don't have a solid answer other than that I love the look of the FJR and have dreamed about the bike for years. Bottom line is that I think the bikes are largely a horse-a-piece (advantage FJR) and I expect similar reliability from Yamaha. I get it on Wednesday and can’t wait. The ST community is awesome and I've noticed the same thing about the FJR community which is one reason I wanted one. Thanks in advance for the coming entertainment and advice, the value of that will never be lost on me.

My understanding is that this bike has endured four Iron Butt rallies and any bike that can pass four IBR tech inspections is good enough for me. It's also on the darkside which will be a new experience for me as well. Not sure it will stay that way but I'm not going to judge, I haven't ridden it yet.

I live in La Crosse, Wisconsin where the roads are amazing and the scenery is beautiful. I can’t wait to experience the world from the seat of this new to me machine.
My first FJR was on 08. Hope you like it. Heat manageability, +1 for FJR. Gas capacity, +1 for ST. Either one outlasts my bladder.

And the FJR does not have the overengineered Secondary Master Cylinder POS. Still wondering why Honda ever came up with that great idea. Affected ST's and Goldwings. I have had many Honda's over the years and consider them the top of the food chain when compared to some other marques, but the SMC will be a stain on their engineering group forever. Completely unnecessary and good for freezing up the rear brake.


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Congratulations and welcome to the forum. Keep in touch here and you will see what issues were common with the 08 and what should be checked. A lot of knowledgeable riders here with good information.
I love Hondas as well. Started on a 90, then 2 CB750’s, a CB900C. My other bike currently is a 99 Honda GL1500 Valkyrie. When I bought first 2005 FJR in 2006, I researched the ST1300, then again early this year before I bought a 2013 FJR. It seems that most here that have had both prefer the FJR and that many more move from ST to FJR rather than the other way. I could be wrong. Happy trails!
@kdaiborne I’ve heard the same. I know a few people that moved off the ST for the FJR but I don’t know of anyone who went the other way.

Another piece of anecdotal evidence that I made the right choice. Thanks for the welcome, now I just have to get it (48 long hours).