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Parts For Sale Clearwater Krista LED lights

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newbs need the forum
Aug 15, 2010
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Spring Hill, Florida
Used set of Clearwater Kristas. They come with a custom made volume control bracket. It's made out of sheet metal and attaches to the back side of the left handlebar switch cluster. Makes for a clean, neat installation and convenient handlebar location.
450 plus shipping
Wiring, brightness adjustment control (and the custom bracket), and Clearwater mounting brackets (for the lights themselves) included.

You should sell these pretty easily, Gary. Good lights, good price. "Used" doesn't really matter with this lights.
Thanks, Mike. So far I'm just waiting: no "bites" yet. I am so tempted to just keep them as they've really got some horsepower. It's just that it would take some extra "creativity" to get them mounted on my 2018 Gold Wing. Time will tell.