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Jun 28, 2005
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Enjoy the updated comparison matrix...and expect to zoom as we now have 24 columns these days. I remember the old days in 2007 when I had to worry about 5 columns. PM if you think I've messed something up...I'll try to tweak for the next iteration.


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Can you share an online source? Preferably from Yamaha. Thx.
In addition to the link above:

From a French Canadian dealer site

A photo I copied from Yamaha Canada when it was first announced

The matrix comparison becomes difficult if you try to include colors from other markets. Canada has, upon occasion, had different color schemes from those available in the USA. Sometimes a different color for "A" or "ES" models and sometimes a completely different selection, like the 2022 black w. gold rims. One year, Yamaha Canada offered a color sometimes called "Root Beer" - 2014 "A" model (the "ES" was the same red as both US models). European markets have also offered different colors/combinations that have never been available in North America.
Your matrix is showing the weight of the 'A' model even after it was discontinued.

Rotor size for 2002/2003 was 298 mm, not 289.