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Dec 27, 2007
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Albuquerque, NM
With the pace technology is moving, it's probably sooner rather than later. paying attention??


The guy likes to see where he's going. Besides the FLIR, he's got Clearwater's brightest aux lights mounted, the Sevinas. Guess I'd want to ride a little with that setup before I knew if I liked it or not. Might be wanting to watch the screen too much? Dunno.

SacMike, I imagine he'd look at it only if some white blob bloomed on the screen. Kind of like a GPS: once the novelty's worn off, you don't focus on it, right? Well, maybe if you think you just blew by your required turn.

The FLIR system can be purchased as just a camera or with a "threat detection" added to the thermal display. Does anyone have experience to suggest which system would be preferred, i.e., should I pay the extra for the threat detection.
I am leaning towards the threat detection as an alert assist
I ask as I convinced my wife that a FLIR system would add another level of safety, having totaled of FJR by hitting a deer.
Headlights are becoming brighter, the glare masking stuff your are riding into. A FLIR is not blinded by the headlights, just shows up IR emitting bodies, people and deer. This is probably an additional benefit, even though you are not outriding your own lights you can't see beyond the oncoming car, the IR may give you a couple of seconds to avoid an event.
I added to this thread rather than starting another. Hopefully the wisdom of the forum will yield an opinion
Epic Christmas/ holiday to you all.