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Hey I was asking about Utah and Colorado - Stay in your lane!

KIDDING! Thanks for the heads up, we did take 95 to avoid the heat in DV which when I looked it showed highs of 110° in Late June... But when someone says ONE OF THE TOP FIVE IN THE WEST I am listening!

So I am actually going to Boulder from Bridgeport so does this look right?

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I hope I didn't play it up too much but I just enjoy that road for the fun factor and going by Mono lake near the old volcanoes. If you have time as you get within a few miles of Hwy 6 there is a paved road on your right called Benton cut-off rd. that takes you back to 395 above Bishop, well worth the time to ride it too.
If your in Gunnison, you need to take the road to Buena Vista over Cottonwood pass. Zoom in on the map, tough to find, but paved all the way. Then you can take Independence pass to Aspen. Also, south from Gunnison is the million dollar highway to Durango...... definitely worth seeing!

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