Motopia bike nite - anyone? In Dallas this evening.

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Aug 31, 2022
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DFW area
Read an article somewhere several years ago about this place called Motopia that had a biker cafe in Dallas. The spot is apparently no longer in operation but they still get together for drinks/dinner at local Dallas spots for a bike nite.

Their site also shows they organize rides around the world. They have one coming up in Morocco of all places.

Motopia | Where passion for motorcycles and friends meet (

Just curious if anyone local has ever joined them. Not sure what kind of crowd might be there this evening (Ida Claire in Addison). My thought was it is more likely a gathering of squids or maybe cafe racers... ;) Maybe not anyone in an Aerostich!

Keith Quigley
2019 FJR1300A
Bedford, TX
Well it was an interesting evening. Met Rene, Grahame and Stewart. One Honda, a Triumph and a BMW GS in attendance, next to my FJR. Less time than usual spent in the parking lot looking at mods to our respective bikes and more time eating a really good (but pricey) meal at Ida Claire's in Addison and discussing solar power and the possible extinction (distant) of combustion engines in cars. This group also organizes international rides in places like Norway and Oman. Like I said, it was an interesting dinner with some fellow riders of the non-Yamaha variety!