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Bienvenue from eastern Quebexico. When i was looking at getting back into riding i almost got a VFR800 but ended up with my 04 which i love. It's been a frustrating week with the unusual warm weather and not able to get out and ride due to the winter tire rule... Only 5 more days to wait...
Yep only 5 days. I have to do some changes on my shift pedal because of my new orthosis... I will find the solution.
Easy to move shifter up (or down) a couple of splines on the shaft.

Note: It is a good idea to clean/lube both the shift linkage and the rear brake pivot annually. Also the clutch lever (especially the brass bushing) and the brake lever. Change/flush hydraulic fluid every two years.
Yes, I know that I can move the shifter, but It's not enough for me. My feet will always stay at 90 degrees and I can't reach the shifter. Maybe flipping the shifter?? Or cut at the down curve to have a straight pedal?? I will have to go to a metal shop?? For the brake pedal, I'm ok, just lift my knee to press the pedal.