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Aug 5, 2011
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Lafayette, LA
Wednesday, May 3, 10:00 am - Pants orders a set of PR4GTs for the YFO extravaganza from Rocky Mountain ATV. They match the best price I can find, and I get "bonus bucks" or whatever TF it's called. Since there's plenty of time, why take the free shipping, which usually takes "as long as it takes".

Wednesday, May 3, 10:01 am - Pants gets an email confirming my order.

Wednesday, May 3, 10:22 am - Pants gets an email with shipping confirmation and tracking numbers.

Thursday, May 4, 5:45 pm - Pants see's a package at his front door that looks like a couple of tires wrapped in Saran Wrap. Obviously, that can't be.

Thursday, May 4, 5:46 pm: (Pants) "Well, I'll be dam....."

That is fast! Good for you!

Glad you had great service. They are my go-to for all things off-road but might have to start looking at the on-road possibilities as well.

Bought a bunch of stuff for my KLR from them. I recommend them.

You can get OEM parts for the FJR from them too. I'm due for a valve adjustment on the FJR and will probably buy the shims from them.

Rocky Mountain is my "Go To" for all things KLR and some things FJR. Great customer service, good prices and "cash back" as well.

Last 3 times I ordered my tires I used Rocky Mountain ATV. Best or on par prices, never tried but I'm pretty sure they price match, as fast as it gets.