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Sep 15, 2009
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Uniondale, NY
This has probably been discussed to the point of exhaustion, but I'm going to ask anyway. Has anybody done any type of modification to the side stand to help stabilize it better? I have a brand new 09 FJR with less than 1,000 miles on it due to the crappy weather we are experiencing here in NY. I have never dropped it and have no problem putting it on the center stand. However, I continue to read on this forum about folks dropping their bikes due to the side stand and it's beginning to creep me out because I use the side stand a lot. I'm not a new rider (25+ years experience), just new to the FJ and could use some advice. Thanks

Some people grind a small amount off the stop so the sidestand goes farther forward. If you do this, take it slow and just remove a very small amount, test, then decide if you need to take more off. A little makes a noticeable difference.

Personally, I haven't done it, and haven't dropped the bike either in 115k miles. Well, one time backing out of a Motel 6 parking space at 0'dark thirty in Pecos, TX with sand on the pavement. Hey, I was tired, it was early and during day 3 of an endurance rally. TMSAISTI.

I do always, ALWAYS make a point of pushing the stand forward with my foot, then actually looking at it to make sure it's where it should be before I put weight on it.

And if it's pointed just a little down hill, put it in gear and make sure it's rolled all the way forward beforesetting it on the side stand.