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Very nice Garmin 550 $165. shipped to Conus

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Sep 9, 2015
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Laurens, SC
I bought this locally, thinking to upgrade my really well used Zumo to this one in much nicer condition. I thought these all came with lifetime maps but that is not so. Since I have lifetime maps with mine and it's set up with my music I am going to sell this. I have benefitted greatly by getting stuff at really good prices (and free) on these forums so I am hoping this is a good price and someone will be happy. Price includes shipping. Loaded with original 08 USA maps. It does come with a 4 gig memory card which is the biggest card Garmin says works on this, though other people have used bigger ones for some reason. Also, I have a few other mounting balls and stuff I can throw in there if you need them to mount this on your FJR like the one that uses the bolts that hold your clutch master cylinder on. Thanks, Phil

I can't figure out how to post pics here, if you want pics PM me or go to the FJR1300owners forum and check out my Garmin 550 post there.


This site lends itself to multiple posts far more than any other site I frequent. But let us not let that stop us from having a decent dog pile at good ole Phils expense.