What did you do to your FJR today?

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I registered the bike and took her for my very first ride. A 200 mile loop through the hills of western NC. Upon return, I removed the slack in the throttle cable to help mitigate some of that off idle abruptnes (first FI bike. I'm used to carburetors) and lowered the rear brake pedal to make it a bit easier to modulate (feels like the previous owner put HH pads on the front and rear.) Then changed the engine and final drive oil and gave it a bath.
A little RTE with my brother in law (Harley Guy) about 180 miles. The food was so so. The ride was so good. Some good twisties some nice scenery. Great day although it got a little hotter than expected. :D
sunday picked it up and rode it home in the rain Today got the state inspection done went to DMV and got tags to replace the temp tags adjusted Idle screw it is a 2010 with 80,000 miles I bought it from a good friend for $2000.00 Please excuse the messy garage I have been working between 60-80 hours a week since march


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Follow-up to my post on Roadsmart IV from June 10

Roadsmart IV - Questions...

I was confused about some articles I read that mentioned that there were two flavors of Roadsmart IV - an "SP" and a "GT" available in certain sizes (including the ones for the FJR). I got to the Dunlop European site and they recommended the "GT" for the FJR in their fitment guide. I spoke with my local dealer who spoke with his rep and they didn't know anything about it. Same when I emailed a major tire supplier in Canada.

I finally got a response back from Dunlop, North America and basically the guy said he didn't know much about them either but was aware they existed. He gave me a link to the Europe website (which I already found). From his email: "The Roadsmart IV SP/GT model are tires produced out of Europe so I don’t have much information on them..." and "The Roadsmart IV which we sell here in North America is produced out of Japan is like the GT version."

It seems that the North America (Japanese) division is separate from the European division of Dunlop. It would appear that the design elements of the GT are what we might expect in tires bought here - at least in FJR sizes. I assume they must have design and engineering in common even if they manufacture and market separately.
I also looked at the Euro site for the Roadsmart III and apparently they offer the "SP" variant as an option in some sizes for lighter bikes although no mention of a "GT". Never an option in North America. Interesting to see that they now market the RS III as a "value-priced" product; perhaps to justify the significantly higher cost for the new model.

I have ordered a set and we will see how they hold up. I am still running a (pretty good) set of Bridgestone T32 GT right now so I might not get the new Roadsmarts on the bike much before the end of the season. I have almost 8,000 km (5,000 mi) on the Bridgestnes and they are still looking pretty good - mostly highway between here and Winnipeg (and back)...
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What did you do to your FJR today?

There are probably a lot of things folks do to their FJRs that may not warrant a whole new topic. This thread is a place to post such things.

I'm kind of surprised there isn't already a thread like this here already, so mods feel free to delete this if I missed it somehow.
Rode the Natchez Trace Parkway starting in Nashville. Great winding rode with good surface. I only rode down to a small town called Leipers Fork, about 50 miles rountrip for me.I’m hoping to make longer trips down further South soon. Anyone have experience near TN/AL border or on the Natchez?
The 1/2" automotive weather stripping, I ordered off Amazon, arrived and I Installed it to the edge of the fairing, between the fairing and frame, in front of my knees. It looks factory. I can't wait to see if it keeps some of the hot air off my legs.
The 1/2" automotive weather stripping, I ordered off Amazon, arrived and I Installed it to the edge of the fairing, between the fairing and frame, in front of my knees. It looks factory. I can't wait to see if it keeps some of the hot air off my legs.
First impressions are positive, although it was a little cooler out today.


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Finally found time to fit the MV Motorrad bar risers, used Loctite and torqued down bolts that I could find torque settings for. Found the tank bag is a bit to close to the bars now, fits ok if I turn the bag sideways, its a magnetic one so may do that as its only used a few weeks of the year. I will have a ponder on that one.
Actually yesterday but I took it for the annual inspection sticker (a NY requirement) used to always have it done at shop owned by a guy I knew since high school but he recently passed away and now the shop is closed. Went to another place I knew about, they were out of stickers but recommended a place I never knew did the inspections. Got my sticker and explored some local roads. Experimented with rear shock set on hard. Did about 75 miles. Seemed to handle a little better but ride a little more harsh. Anyone experience this??
Not today but on July 22nd I found some gravel in the right hand corner behind the bus, I'm in the bus.


Short story, airlifted to Milwaukee, fractured ribs 2 thru 7 on the right side. Bike is being repaired and I am healing.
Have not received any bills yet but I dread the day they come in.
Sorry to see this but glad it's not so serious that you can't post up about it. Heal quickly!

And just a personal opinion - no ambulance should show any black paint. Just sayin'.