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I may be reading it wrong but I don't think Yamaha sells any other levers for the FJR. Aren't the stockers adjustable? On the high end there is ASV and Pazzo and at the other end is CRG and the many Ebay brands. I happen to have CRG (or maybe it's CNR?) shorties that fold up in case of a tip over. Work great. I don't believe the ones that cost 5 times as much are 5 times better. Just my opinion.
Yeah, I know Yamaha doesn’t make them, just want a good set, the stock ones have very little adjustment and are straight unlike after market.
I too was looking all around and choices are slim.
I have a set of Pazzos that I have used for 450,000 km on two FJRs over an interval of 14 years. They still look (and work) like new. They came with the lightly used 2007 I bought in 2010 and I moved them over to my current 2011 (in 2018) after almost 300,000 km.
Pazzos are not cheap and I don't know if I would have bought a set if they had not come with the bike. I have read reports that the anodizing (or powder coat) doesn't hold up as well on the "similar" knock-offs selling on eBay and elsewhere. Short term, I'm guessing they would be fine.
I have a set of Pazzos (currently on Tenere) that I picked up used from the forum. Good levers, anodizing doesn't fade, work well and have plenty of adjustability. OTOH, I have several sets of knock offs (different colors, long/long, long/short, short/short) that were $30-$50 a set and function just as well as the Pazzos. Anodizing faded on one set so I tossed those and got new.

Plenty of options from big $$$ to $ depending on what you are looking for.

Happy hunting!

I too have used the Pazzo knock offs and they worked just fine but the color did fade. I moved up to the real thing, Pazzo and they are now 5 years old and look like new. If you are just looking for function go with the better grade knock offs. Keep they well waxed and they may not fade.