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We Lost A Great Friend

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Posted 22 August 2008 - 11:22 PM

Memorial details are here.


I'm having a hard time typing this.....but it's got to be said. We lost Tim "twowheelnut" Bates. He passed away at home Friday evening.

I've just spoken with his wife, Patty, and she said he seemed peaceful and didn't suffer...he just died. He was online several hours before his passing, so I'd like to think he was thinking about us.

I extended to Patty the forum's condolences and to call if there is ANYTHING we can do.

She knew how much we all meant to him and knows how much he meant to us...and will share details about a memorial in the days to come.

And I know we all will miss him. My heart weeps....

But, I'm sure as a fellow forum member observed.....he and Andrew are riding together right now....probably in 5th gear. smile.gif

/ Matt

P.S. We've been through tragedy before on this forum and did very well at grieving respectfully...and I'm thankful we'll be just as graceful this time.


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Posted 22 August 2008 - 11:44 PM

What?!? That is really hard to take -- Tim was way too young. Don't even know what to say. Sympathies and condolences to his family.

Rest in Peace, Tim. I'm glad you got to take that trip to Alaska. May you and Andrew ride together this weekend. We'll be thinking of you.

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Posted 22 August 2008 - 11:52 PM

R.I.P. Tim

You will be missed.
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Posted 22 August 2008 - 11:55 PM

QUOTE (Ignacio @ Aug 23 2008, 12:22 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I'm having a hard time typing this.....but it's got to be said. We lost Tim "Twowheelnut" Bates. He passed away at home Friday evening.

As I sit here and try to believe my ears from the phone call and my eyes from this posting, I can't help but remember the last time I saw Tim.

We were riding back from a trip down south and we were at his exit. No need for long goodbyes or some drawn-out ceremony, just a friendly wave from in front of me as he hit the blinker and went on his way. I returned the wave and continued on mine. bye.gif

I'm numb...

It's an honor to have called you my friend.

Goodbye Tim... bye2.gif



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Posted 22 August 2008 - 11:56 PM

At this moment I am devastated, words cannot express what i am feeling right now so I will just say that Tim your were a great friend and you will be missed.

R.I.P Buddy see you on the other side.

R.I.P. My one fingered friend Posted Image
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Posted 23 August 2008 - 12:02 AM

Aw Man, What a Drag! Just barely got to meet the man, didn't have much chance to really talk w/ him at NAFO, but enuf to know he was a thoroughly likeable Gent w/ a great sense of humor & certainly one of the pilars of this particular community! My Sincerest Condolences to his Wife & Family. There's gonna be a big hole on this forum for quite a spell!

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Posted 23 August 2008 - 12:05 AM

i don't know what to say.....

thanks for everything you've given us Tim. I will miss you terribly!

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Posted 23 August 2008 - 12:12 AM

You will be sadly missed sir. Ride on...
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Posted 23 August 2008 - 12:21 AM

I have not one damned thing to say.
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Posted 23 August 2008 - 01:04 AM

Today is the first day of a semi-eternity in which the Forum will never be the same.

This is an unspeakable loss.

Tears for you, Tim.


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Posted 23 August 2008 - 01:22 AM

Woah buddy... We we not done with you yet!

I have a heavy heart since Tim and i shared some memories together, And i tried to meet up with him when i got my seat done in Ojai, But he was closing a sale...sad.gif

I wanted to go to NAFO so bad, But everything was pushing against me so i didn't make it.

You will be missed, Old Friend, Butt not forgotten.

This is for you, Tim


This picture is hard for me... It was a great time with Andrew and Tim

I will share a bottle of your favorite #7 with more people, In your honor

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Posted 23 August 2008 - 01:24 AM

Man life is short.

Thankful for a few moments shared at NAFO with Tim. You just never know when will be the last you ever see of a friend.

RIP brother Bates.




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Posted 23 August 2008 - 01:26 AM


My heart goes out to all his family and friends

Tim R.I.P

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Posted 23 August 2008 - 01:41 AM

I tried to go to bed after "the" phone call. No such luck, so here I sit, hoping to see Tim post one more time and not wanting to believe the news. Shock...what a wonderful gift!

I miss you already, Tim, my friend. I'll always remember the ride across Colorado chatting on the radio with Richard and you talking about the unbelievable, "OMG-how awesome and beautiful" scenery.

Thanks for all the memories. The pain in my heart is a measure of how you touched me (and us all) by merely being TWN and passing through life in this world.

My condolences to Patty, the family, their circle of friends and to the entire motorcycling community.

RIP, El Jeffe.
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Posted 23 August 2008 - 02:27 AM

Rest in Peace, Tim. You'll be missed immensely. Your wit, your wisdom and your incredible humor made FJR Forum special!

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Posted 23 August 2008 - 02:43 AM

Always had a hard time expressing myself in these situations, even though we never met I still feel a sadness, a void at Tims passing.


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Posted 23 August 2008 - 02:47 AM

This is unreal. Hard to believe you are gone.

I really wanted to meet you someday.

We did not always agree on things, but hey, that is what makes life interesting and challenging.

Condolences to his family and friends.

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Posted 23 August 2008 - 02:49 AM

I've never met Tim, but I feel like I know him a little from reading his posts.
He seemed like a guy who lived his life to the fullest, as we all should.
Tomorrow is not a guarantee.
God bless Tim and all who loved him.
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Posted 23 August 2008 - 03:52 AM

Whoa... sad.gif

All I will say is that after meeting Tim in person at NAFO...I can tell you there was alot of warmth and character to the man. More than you can see online with his trademark smiley fuck.gif ...

I'm so sad for his family...and for us. He was one of a kind.

I'm sorry I never got out to CA and ride with you.

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Posted 23 August 2008 - 03:56 AM

My condolences to all of Tim's family and to all the people he touched on this forum. I never met him but he was a very familiar person to me on this board and enjoyed his wit and humor.

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