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  • Hey DCarver, how did you find out the dimensions of the piston in the slave cylinder? I wonder if there is a slave cylinder that would fit on our FJR's with even LESS pull {larger piston} than the Gen. 1 Cylinder. Do you know when they made the piston larger again? 08? 09? Thanks, Phil

    HiYa Phil,

    I had both slave cylinders on the bench so simply used a dial caliper to make piston measurements.

    Not sure if going to larger piston diameter is a good idea, what with limited throw e.g. lack of disengagement and first gear clunk-age. ?

    Did a parts search, looks like 2009 they went back to the larger piston.

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    just checked this thing out and found you were here and didn't even say piss off ..... Well thanks for stoppin'.

    Shit like that will get ya on my friends list. Oh The horrors!!!

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