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      Dodger replied to the thread Hi from Langley BC. New owner.
      I too upgraded from a VFR, great bike. I wanted something more comfortable, now on my 2nd ('17) FJR, the only thing I miss from the VFR...
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      I installed a corrector on my 2017. it was off by about 9% and it was just not safe constantly having to look at the GPS for something...
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      Dodger replied to the thread Side Panel Repair.
      Just purchase new panels from Yamaha. Better and probably not a lot more expensive. Body shops charge a lot as I found out on a VFR my...
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      Dodger replied to the thread New to Forum 2010 FJR in Alberta.
      2217 in Devon. Welcome
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      Dodger replied to the thread Lowering Kit.
      Put on Lust dog bones plus adjustable kick stand. No problems, yes it is a bit more difficult to get on the center stand but no biggie...
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