2014 with serious problem

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Replace the battery or jump it to a car battery (car off). I had Ducati my die at a stoplight last week. Would not restart. Got it home and the battery read 13.09 at rest but on start dragged to 7 volts. Charger said the battery was good since it would hold 13 with no load. Must have been a bad cell or something.

I also question the compression test since it seems like the bike would spin freely with those numbers. Only other thing I can think of is that your CCT failed and the timing chain jumped.
Only other thing I can think of is that your CCT failed and the timing chain jumped.
I think that if the chain jumped, he would have noticed that on his 20 minute ride. If the chain is off just by 1 tooth, the bike would run, but noticeably not well. I am with you on a weak battery theory. Either something like a short or an accessory is draining it, or it is tired and ready to be recycled.
If the compression was that low the motor should produce smoke like burning oil...
Only if the pistons rings aren’t sealing. If the valves aren’t sealing, it won’t smoke. It’s unlikely to be failed rings in all 4 cylinders on a low mileage motor.
my bike has approximately 8500 miles. i am the second owner and have had no trouble up to this point.
i had trouble recently where the bike when trying to start seemed to labor as though the battery was weak.
i tried to push start it but it did not start. tried again the electric start and it fired up and seemed to run normal. made the 20 minute ride home no problem.
hooked it up to trickle charge over night. next day tried to start and though it turned over the engine it would not start.
after many attempts without starting i delved into troubleshooting and eventually came here to look for help.
without listing all the things i tried i put the bike in the shop (certified Yamaha dealer) last week because of code 44 on display.
the shop called yesterday saying it had a serious problem.

- Work performed by dealer -
Description: code 44 LPR 5/24 - Spun engine over and sounds like it does not have compression. - Performed compression test which failed.
Compression test:
1 - 45psi (left most cylinder)
2 - 40psi
3 - 30psi
4 - 35psi -

technician comment:
I don't know if an upper engine cleaning will work but that is the only other thing we can try. If that does not work then customer will need to bring bike somewhere for engine rebuild

i searched here for threads regarding code: 44. no mention of upper engine cleaning or engine rebuild.
the bike has low mileage and previous owner recorded about 3000 miles before selling it to me in 2017.

anyone heard of such a problem as this.
thanks to all here for any help.

So any updates? You got lots of advice but no feedback. Guys like to know what happened as another is going thru the same thing right now.

PM sent. Hopefully an email will revive the OP. He was on 2 weeks ago and this thread is 6 months old.
My 2014 is still running on it’s original battery. I pulled it out this morning with temps right around freezing, and it was turning over a little slow. I do run 15W50 oil in it, so that might be why. Gave it about 4-5 seconds on the starter the first time, then shut it off for a minute. On second attempt it started.

One thing I’ve noticed on this 3rd Gen that never ever happened on my 1st Gen ‘05 is, often when starting cold, I’ll thumb the starter button and hear it fire up, usually on the 3rd compression stroke. But if I release it after the first pop it sometimes dies. It usually fires right up on the second attempt.

I ‘ve taken to holding the starter button down until the bike starts for real, especially when stone cold. That seems to take care of it 99% of the time. My thought process is that, due to the sprag clutch on the starter gear, keeping the starter running after the engine starts is not detrimental.

Today was an exception, it popped once and then nothing four several seconds. But, bike did start, ran fine all day with no problems starting afterwards. Probably my last ride on it this year. I kind of squeezed this one in after putting all of the bikes up for winter.

It was worth it. It was a fine 300 mile ride.

Edit- I almost forgot: this thread’s symptom sounds like it might be fast starter syndrome. It still happens to all FJRs now and then. Go read the thread on it. The fix is to keep going with the throttle held wide open. I seriously doubt the compression is fubar.
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