2021 crash bars

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Jun 26, 2023
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Reno, NV
I have engine. Guards on my gen 4, but would like something more akin to old fashioned crash bars that stick out a bit farther
and provide some protection for the fairing in the event of a fall or tipover.

A plusmwoudmbe if they would also accept a frame slider

You don't say what brand engine guards you have mounted now. It doesn't take much to protect the plastic on the FJR in a low side type get off. BTDT, lost mirrors, screen and scratched up a bag.

Most people that want more protection will add luggage bars like those offered from T-Rex Racing. They are similar to others sold in past years that are no longer available. The original designs, IIRC, started out as offerings for police bikes and were proven to be very effective.

Edit - The T-Rex engine bars also have replaceable sliders built in.
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You will never need to replace a trex slider - they don't touch the ground when the bike is on side;)