3D Analysis Stock vs Sargent World Sport Seat

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May 5, 2016
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South Jersey
I thought some might be interested in seeing the differences in geometry between the stock seat and the Sargent World Sport. The Sargent is a definite improvement over the stock seat in terms of support and comfort. As someone whose had a few back surgeries, comfort is paramount. Not quite ready for a Goldwing...and love the performance of my '14 ES - So, I'm on a quest to get comfortable enough to sit in the saddle for 2hrs+ and not have to stop every 45-60 min in order to relieve pressure on my back.

As I'm sure many of you know, it's literally a crap shoot when it comes to getting a custom seat. I'm asking myself how many hundreds or thousands of dollars I want to spend to GUESS which seat might be right for me. You don't really KNOW the differences in geometry other than what you might discern visually and quite literally, seat of the pants. For me, I want to KNOW what the geometrical differences are to help me move in the right direction, ideally leading to ultimate support and comfort. I wound up 3D laser scanning the stock seat and Sargent and superimposing one on the other to understand what was different, other than the obvious visual differences. Since the seats are mostly an organic shape, this is hard to quantify just using say a seamstress tape and other 'analog' methods to determine differences...The video below shows my findings.

Going forward, the plan is to use the Sargent as a foundation to capture the shape of my body's impression while sitting in riding position. Then, design a saddle that perfectly matches my body's natural seated position and incorporate that shape into the padding that will sit on the stock seat pan - which may need to be modified with additional plastic etc. We'll see...I'll have to experiment with various foam densities and possibly gels. A part of me wants to try to incorporate some mini air bags (like the AirHawk) in key areas, but with adjustable zones. Not sure yet if that's overkill, but the automation engineer inside of me already has visions of tubing and solenoids...My thought is that just like the AirHawk, it's a welcomed bit of relief after you've been riding for several hours - but the AirHawk is a bit too much like a marshmallow and I'd prefer something incorporated under the upholstery...We'll see if that's necessary as a move things along.

On a side note, if anyone has another aftermarket seat they want me to scan, let me know and I'll add it to the comparison. A Corbin or LAAM would be of interest, if anyone can part with it for a few days to ship up and back. At any rate, I'll be 'rolling my own' and going the 'truly custom' route because simply guessing what might be comfortable gets expensive.

I've had stock, stock comfort, Sargent and Seat concepts. My .02 is that both stock and Sargent seemed to want to slide you forward. Stock comfort was same shape as stock, but the gel seemed to help me stay put and was more comfortable to me than Sargent. Seat concepts was pretty much the same shape as the Sargent, but the front of the seat is about an inch higher and has been the best of the bunch for me. If you happened to be near Minneapolis you could scan it. 6ft 195
I plan on doing some 'other stuff' at some point so I did a few quick and dirty low res scans of the body. This will help me make some brackets and other attachments (dash etc) after I do the seat. Maybe I'll do a 'for real' scan at a later date. I think I have what I need with this one...

BodyISO (Large).pngUnderSeat (Large).png

I don't think the Russell Day Long is right for me...but in the past few days I did see the Laam seat and it could be a possibility for me. The Sargent is 14.5" wide and seat of the pants (on the bike) I've determined I really need about another inch on each side. That's right on the money for the Laam at 16.5" max width. I believe the RDL is about the same, but the transition to the 'big booty' back section is further forward, and the Laam seems to have a bit more leg room when you're at a stoplight. Like the RDL, the Laam is custom made to your weight, inseam and needs. Keeping that option open as he is a professional in that regard...I'm a knuckledragger in the upholstery dept.

I wanted to pick up the geometry under the seat. I've got the idea that I want to put a 55L Givi (or custom box) where the passenger goes, down low. Up high with weight really messes up the handling of the bike...and the Mrs doesn't really ride with me so it's otherwise wasted space. Besides, with the MV bar risers moving weight to the back, I don't want to exaggerate it with a box behind the back wheel. With gas prices through the roof, I'd be great to do some light 'grocery shopping' and have a spot for my cool vest water tank in the hotter months.