Question: Can any Gen 3 owners check the rear fender saddlebag covers for me

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Jan 6, 2024
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Prosper, Tx
Executive Summary: I need 1-2 Gen 3 owners to check whether 1) all 4 rear fender saddlebag covers are identical or 2) What I believe - that they are actually different between the right/left front cover (3P6-2163E-01-Px) and the right/left rear cover (3P6-2163E-11-Px) as shown on the parts diagram/list between 2013 and even the 2023 parts. When I look at the bike the front and rear openings look different. The bag holders are offset differently between front and rear.

I see a few parts on eBay and might consider buying different year parts and painting. If anyone has the covers for the 2013 model they want to sell, I'll buy.

Details: My new-to-me 2013 FJR is missing the 4 saddlebag covers. I'm having a hard time (as you all likely know) finding the 2013 (correct color parts). Partzilla is backordered and about 60 days out on one or both. I've had good luck with cmsnl in the past and after first asking if they had both part #'s (2 each - 3P6-2163E-01-P6 and 3P6-2163E-11-P6), they first told me basically yes. Then they told me they had 2 of one part, but the 2 of the other woudl be delayed. When I asked why they told me one thing, the another, they responded with this below:

Both parts no. 3P6-2163E-01P6 and 3P6-2163E-11P6 are supersessions.
What is a superseded part?
Commonly parts are superseded by the manufacturer and replaced by an official newer version of the item, mainly for quality improvement. Please note that the actual shape or color of the item may slightly deviate from the original design. The technical function of superseded parts is identical to the part you have ordered.

When we check the availability of this part our supplier check for only 2 pieces 1 x 3P6-2163E-01P6 and 1 x 3P6-2163E-11P6 both of these parts were superseded to just 3P6-2163E-01P6. That is why we have received only 2 by the end of the week as I have informed you in the previous message.

The other two parts were not on their stock. At the moment in the system I can see that after waiting time what will be supply will be not 2 x 3P6-2163E-11P6 but again 2 x 3P6-2163E-01P6. In this case, would you like to cancel the other two pieces so we dispatch only 2 available 2 x 3P6-2163E-01P6 or shall we wait for the other two pieces? However, in this case, you will receive 4 x 3P6-2163E-01P6.

I'm pretty sure they are mistaken and that there are 2 sepaerate covers for the front and rear openings on each side.

I agree there are two different parts.
View attachment 6313
Right side are marked FR. Left side marked RR
View attachment 6314

But I have to ask, why bother? You really hate those cut outs?
Thanks Steve for the pics. Exactly what I needed. Why? Because I want 'em. Call me anal. We want what we want. LOL IMO, The bike looks unfinished without them if you ride mostly with the bags off.
Oh I get it.
I have pd way to much to replace the YAMAHA black padded stickers on the saddlebags.

Put the saddlebags back on and ride further, thats my solution. . . . . :)
Yup. 3 distinct parts for each side. On the "fische" there are 3 different part numbers shown for my 2016. It appears the same parts are used on left and right sides. Not sure why it shows a quantity of 3 for the lower piece.

Cover, Rear Fender 2 DPBMU 3P6-2163E-01-P1, Cover, Rear Fender 2 DPBMU 3P6-2163E-11-P1 and
Cover, Rear Fender 3 DPBMU 3P6-2163F-01-P1


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Oh I get it.
I have pd way to much to replace the YAMAHA black padded stickers on the saddlebags.

Put the saddlebags back on and ride further, thats my solution. . . . . :)
Yeah, my chromed plastic bag "protector" strips were a bit scratched. I removed the rubbery Yamaha logo, sanded a bit, painted semi matte black and replaced the Yamaha logo. They look 90% better. I wasn't going to spend around $50 each for those!