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+1 for the Scotts! And Bike Effects has good prices!

Expensive, but reusable, has a built in magnet in the oil stream, looks very trick and allows you to not worry about finding/ordering another filter as long as you own the FJR. Been running one for just under 3 years now (no oil related problems to date).

It takes about 10-15 minutes to disassemble the filter, clean it, and reinstall it once you've done it before.

If you've nver seen/had parts from Scotts, you'll be impressed. Only the highest quality design/materials from Scotts. I have one of their dampers and it's a work of art!

My opinion: Screw Amsoil and Scott's.

For an excellent and cheap alternative that is widely available: Purolator Pure One filter - PL146A - about $5. Additionally, the Mobil1 M1-110 filter is an excellent filter that fits the FJR, but is a bit pricey at $11 or so.

I have these on a file I keep of posts from the various FJR boards. I've used the Microguard for several years and haven't had a problem. I change filter every oil change. Ian. Iowa

Walmart Super Tech ST7317 $2.07 or Bosch 3323 $6.00 same filter.

AC Delco PF-2057

Bosch 3323 (known to work okay)

Carquest 85356 — reportedly will not seal!

Castrol 7317

Deutsch D-370

FRAM PH7317 (fits OK but 40% more restrictive than the OEM filter!)

K&N KN-148

Mobil 1 M1-110 (known to work okay)

A plus is that the color is almost a match for the alt cover.

Motorcraft Long Life FL-821

NAPA Gold 1356 — reportedly will not seal!

Penske 7317

Purolator Pure One L14620 — reportedly will not seal!

Purolator PL14610 — (known to work okay) (O’Reilly’s Micro-Gard GL14610 the same)

STP S-02867

WIX 51356 — reportedly will not seal!

I'm a waiter so I don't know yet how much the Yamaha filter costs. Is it so bad that you need to go to Wal-Mart? ;) Is there a "discount" dealer some where?

@Bluestreek,ian and saddle., are you sure about those 7317 numbered filters being made by champian labs? Call me crazy but, it`s awfully suspicious to me that, the walmart filter as well as the penske/castrol 7317 filters share the same nomenclature as the FRAM (PH7317)`s my guess FRAM is making those babies and NOT Champion...if that is indeed the case: NOT GOOD! :assasin:

I just had to chime in here. My favorite topic! ...NOT :eek:

Here's some good info from Mark Lawrence.

"Accordingly, the best oil filters are the Purolator Pure One, Mobil-1, AMSOil, and Bosch. If you use one of these filters with one of the commercial synthetic oils listed above, you have the best protection money can buy. "[end quote]

Roger Ballard

Master Certified Technician

I use only Mobil 1 and Castrol Syntec on all my vehicles.
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I'm a waiter so I don't know yet how much the Yamaha filter costs. Is it so bad that you need to go to Wal-Mart?  Is there a "discount" dealer some where?
Hmmm, that link posted by ETZ makes a pretty good case for the Purolator PL14610....

But if you insist on OEM---$7.95 at FJR Goodies. Buy a half dozen oil filters, a pile of crush washers, an air filter, a service manual, the final drive oil, iridium spark plugs, a steering head spanner wrench, a set of Avons or Pilot Roads, and you'll be good to go for your first year of FJR ownership. (that list should incite some flames!) Your own dealer should cut you a nice discount on parts on day of delivery, as well.

If not, call Guru Glenn at

FJR Goodies

Our benevolent dictator Warchild is also known to hang out there from time to time. :agent:

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