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Feb 27, 2023
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Hi folks, I'm located in Derbyshire UK and back on a FJR again.
This is my 3rd FJR a black gen 2 with a genuine10k on the clock. I went for the 2nd gen this time because I didn't want all the bells and whistles of the 3rd gen.
Not had the bike long but really enjoying it, mods so far... givi plate to fit my box on, grip puppies, r.l.e.ts and a pair of Delkevic 350mm ovals.
Going to have a look around this forum to see what ya all been up to.
You've got great Gen II in beautiful condition there! Enjoy your rides on her for many, many years to come!

RiderJoe from Southern California

Question to forum members: The Delkevic cans on @Mixagon's bike appear identical to the Leo Vince exhausts my '06 came with (except his is chrome, and mine is a satin finish titanium). The bands on either ends, the hanger brackets, the exhaust tips, etc. appear to match those on mine. Is there a reason for the similarities that you know of?
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HI, they are polished stainless steel not chrome, I could of had titanium or carbon. They are only very shiny because they are new.
I had a pair of titanium Leo Vince cans and they were awesome! I liked them much better than the Delkavic that are on now, nicer sound . Beautiful bike, welcome.