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Great read Pants, and that shampoo is the best tasting I've ever had!

It was nice meeting you, some day if the Lords willing and the creek don't rise I'd like to do the same, ride across the states and stand with my toes in the Atlantic and hopefully have as much enthusiasm as you & Andrew and his dad.

Thank you all for reading my ride report, and you words of encouragement.

I just read back through it and grammatical errors not withstanding, quite frankly enjoyed re-living the memories. I've shared a few photographs with some work colleagues and they truly can't believe I went "that far on a motorcycle". To me, it was just wonderful. Every single bit of it was terrific. I shall never forget this trip.

For what it's worth, I hope I live 50 more years, and ride a million miles or more before I'm done. But if tomorrow is my last day, I shall go knowing I lived a full life. You guys can proudly take some credit for that. Truth!

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You can't go now Joey, we're not done with you yet.

These FJR shingdings are the bees knees for getting to hang out and ride with great people. East , West, North or South doesn't matter with this crowd...good times.

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Joey, I really enjoyed meeting you in person and your pictures and narratives are great and really hold my interest. I have shared some of your other adventures with family and friends and they are always asking for more. Your latest trip should satisfy them.