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OK, So we're all signed up and ready to go.. How come I ain't on the list yet????
Fuk it's been ten minutes!!!!!! You guys playin' games?

Come on June I'm ready to ride!

To paraphrase FJRay Slocomb of LaPine, Oregon from another posted thread: "And another FJR Rally Event slides into the shit pile!" Mein Gott im Himmel, Schatzie!!!

Sorry folks we seem to be having a few website problems, don't adjust your set we should be back shortly.


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If you lost two of your sheep Bo Peep, I'm not into sheep sex.

Got the wifey to take care of me. I suggest you talk to your wife about that sort of thing.

Just to re-direct of this thread back on track, the CFR 2010 Website is back to normal operation ( and hopefully this thread is as well).


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Still waiting for a reply on accommodations...
Don't worry your pretty little head Bust, I'll be there..
I don't think so Chris.. It needs the bump only I can give it..

Don't see you amongst the who's who yet goat fuk.. What's the matter? Get caught molesting livestock again?

Tell ya, move to the states.. They be a lot more tolerant of that behavior.

Hurry up douchie McDouche!!

I specifically asked to share a joint wif you and two other known critter fornicators.

No Susie, not you. Just Thistle dick and Burro fuk Stanely..



I'm sure she is :glare: After all MEM has shown us that she has great taste in motorcycles

It'll be a blast to meet up with some fellow riders with some great roads to explore.

Look forward to meeting you too!

Ahem...I'm sure he's not going to be the only one.cheers, shakin
It will be nice to meet you Ian!

No matter what anybody says.... MEM is OK in my books :rolleyes:
Bite Me Bite Me Bite Me BITE ME!! We ARE in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't tell I'm excited can ya?

OK you goofy bastard: Consider yourself bitten! Are you and Sheila still planning on meeting up with Seth and I on Sunday morning in Saratoga Springs, NY and riding up to Quebec City with Geezer-Greg? We want to see the musical fireworks show!

On Monday, we're riding up to Mt. Tremblant on most scenic routing we can find; not FJR route touring resident sheep farms!

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