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Jul 16, 2008
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Bowmanville, ON
For those who may be interested and did not see the announcement that got buried in the other thread, registration is now open for CFR 2013 being held in Huntsviile, Ontario on June 20-23th

Please go to the registration section on the CFR website to register.

CFR Website

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Yeah FJR Forumites eh, hurry up and register for CFR 2013 ON before some "Post Whore" clutters up this thread with Mullarkey, Blarney and Craic! Don, Donna and Seth Stanley are Registered.

jes' sayin' and nuff' said eh!

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Registered and looking forward to it as always!


Take off eh Frostbacks, CFR 2013 finally hit Forty Players. Nice work Hosers, time to get real drunk and eat way too much eh!

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