CFR 2018 - cancellation deadline and shirt orders - very time sensitive!

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THREE DAYS LEFT!! I am only shouting because of our average age and extended lack of hearing protection use!

Shirt orders must CLOSE on Sunday evening as Jeff has to get the orders to the shop or we won't have shirts to wear in Nakusp! We have orders in hand for 33 shirts already, and all of the cool kids will be wearing one, so please don't doze off or you will miss this limited-time opportunity!

That is all.

We know who you are Kevin!
I need that wig I had I Parksville!
You mean this one?? :D


I shouldn't have brought it up!

Funny things you remember, Barry sitting next to me looked at me and said "I wish TWN was here, he'd kick Fairlaners Ass for trying on MEM's undies".

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