Do you prefer riding jeans, or textile?

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That's OK. I'd rather sweat than bleed. It's hard to get the screams out of my mind of a tough guy who was getting his skin scrubbed in the ER after a slide in T-shirt.

I've also seen videos of an FJR newbie who rides in a mesh shirt and fingerless gloves. Why even bother?
Well it isn't mesh, and I don't wear gloves unless it is cold or I am on a track ;) I suspect that the fingerless gloves are about vibration, not for a fall.
Wasn't you in the mesh shirt I saw. On closer look it did seem to have some armor. Hopefully he'll never go down to find out.
Everyone picks their own level of equipment ;) If we are just toodling around the lake roads, its t-shirts. I figure that if we do manage to have a problem that it isn't any different than the crashes I had when I was still doing triathalons in a foam helmet and spandex :)