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In what will probably be my last long ride for the season (it snowed just north of here yesterday), I racked up around 1,000kms this weekend.

Early Friday morning I left in the midst of some strong winds and heavy rains. The roads were alternating mats of wet leaves and pine needles with the occasional dead tree thrown across for good measure. I wasn't pushing things by any stretch under those conditions but never felt the bike was loose as I twisted and turned around the hills and never had any issues when hit with strong gusts of cross-winds.

I did goose the throttle briefly twice -- once on leaves, once on needles, bike upright and straight both times -- and unsurprisingly managed to break traction and spin the rear. For anyone who has not had the pleasure, riding on pine needles is like riding on thousands of roller bearings.

Saturday the riding was drier, and I took the 407 to try the grooved concrete. Speed varied from, umm, faster than the billing camera, to keeping pace with other traffic. Accel, decel, throttle locked at a steady speed with hands off the bars: never any sign of headshake or instability whatsoever.

The only unexpected event happened this morning. I'd been on the road (city streets) perhaps 5 or 10 minutes so the tires were still cool (ambient temp 10°C). The road was damp from a light overnight rain and slightly downhill, so no standing water. I was approaching my next turn and had just changed to the right lane but was pretty much fully upright. I was braking firmly, but not especially hard when the front end seemed to wash out to the left momentarily.

I reflexively released most front lever pressure and increased rear pedal pressure but don't know if that stopped the slip. I doubt it, things happened too fast and I think it was over in less than my reaction time. I can say the ABS never kicked. I'm not sure if that's because I was already off the lever pressure by the time the computer could compensate?

I have no idea what caused it. Possibly a spot of oil on the road but despite the street and head lights it was still dark out and the road was shiny from the light rain.
I'm a little late in posting this, but here's an update on the Mutants. After a long weekend to west Virginia in the begining of October, with one day of rain and mostly cool temps, 50 to 55°, mostly all back roads, I took some measurements. Tires have 2290 miles. I used calibers in center of tire, and about an inch and 1/4 off center. I then went to my local dealer and did the same measurements on a new set. The new ones were not mounted, so I don't know if the numbers would change if there was pressure in them. If someone gets some mounted, let me know if you can replicate these numbers. Front: center .120" on mine .180 new. Off center .155" mine .185" new. Rear: center .190" mine .270" new. Off center .270" mine .285" new. Both tires are still decently rounded, with only minor flat spots.the front has cupping only on the tips of the diamonds, which you cannot feel, but can hear as a slight roaring sound cornering over 50 mph.Most of my riding is "spirited" on two lanes. Tires still feel great, and I have hit some grooved and scraped and gravel roads with no adverse effects.IMG_6967.jpgIMG_6968.jpgIMG_6978.jpgIMG_6977.jpgIMG_6970.jpgIMG_6973.jpgIMG_6976.jpg


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