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Met Brian a few times, even saw him ride, and he rode like a man on a mission to prove something (car tire), but man he rode it to shreds..

RIP Brian!

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Helluva tribute Brodie, thanks.

Yes, Brian was a character and an Imp, but as likeable as they come.

We first rode with him when he hooked up with a small group of us riding down to TWN's memorial service, then just a couple of times since, including the in/famous Eureka "meet n race"

I always thought it funny that he bought his Harley to "slow him down"
--- I guess it took Old Father Time to slow Brian down ...

Quite a loss ---- our thoughts go out to his wife, sons, family and friends.

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Nicely written tribute to someone who obviously touched a lot of lives. Condolences to all of you who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Well I didn't know him, but I knew who he was. He was one of us. He shared our passion for the wind, and our passion for each other. I suppose for now, that is good enough. I also know that his kids are about the same age as mine. And he looks to be about the same age as I am. Which means that either I'm old, or (my preference), Brian died way too young.

Brodie - thanks for the reminder that we don't get to decide some things. I'm sorry for your loss.

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Brodie, I never got to meet Brian, but after reading your epistle I wish I had.

No one has ever said getting older is easy!

RIP Brian

I am so sorry to hear this. I had met him several times and liked him a lot.

I seem to remember a thread about him, a car tire, and some members here going for a 'spirited' ride.

RIP Brian

Thanks for the great tribute, Brodie. Brian is like so many of our FJR friends that we never get to meet, but get to know through our common interest - and in this case, common faith. I wonder what the FJR corner is going to look like in heaven, and who we will meet there.

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Thanks for sharing your tribute Brodie, I think we all strive to enjoy life as he did. Sorry for ​your loss and please express our condolences to his family.
Greg and Michelle

For those wondering about the Eureka reference
So many peeps that responded to this event are no longer active on the Forum....shame, I was on this ride but was one of them that after a while fell behind, my balls were too small....JSNSGreat tribute for sure!

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I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's passing. Prayers sent for you and his family.

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