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Gen2/3 Subframe Stiffy Kit by Garauld

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Aha - I checked the 1/4" clearance holes in the current batch I am making and found they were too small at .233. In checking my drill set, I found the wrong-sized bit in the "F" (.257) location. Ooops.

This question has probably been answered, but I didn't see it so I'm going to fire it off here.

I have a new 2015 FJR1300ES, and I want to use a Givi Maxia E52 Top Case. I've looked at the mounting options and it appears that there is the E228 and the SR357 for options. Since the E228 leaves the painted hand rails I thought that was the way to go, but was concerned about the ability of the bike to support with the stock tail rack. It would appear that I was correct to be concerned. So here is the question: If I get the Stiffy will I need to get the SR357 or can I safely use the E228? If I get the SR357 do I need the Stiffy? Truly I am not overly concerned about the cost, but I am concerned about preventing damage to the frame, and to a smaller degree the aesthetics.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to the answer.

OK - I see you live in MA (where I grew up) so I know the roads aren't the best. I would suggest getting either a] the SR357 or b] the E228 and a stiffy kit. You should be OK unless you carry a lot of weight around a lot of the time. A combination of bumpy roads and a heavy load over time will fatigue and crack the rear cast aluminum section of the subframe - a good number of riders will concur with that.

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Thank you for the quick response to my query Gerald, it is appreciated. Normally I don't intend to have a large amount of weight in the top case as I will mostly be using it to store the helmet when off the bike and to keep the work computer in while in transit to and from work. I anticipate having groceries in there from time to time as well too. That said I intend to take this bike across the country and that will inevitably mean more weight in the bag, and if I have a passenger it is not unlikely that she will lean against the bag from time to time as well. I like the stock look, so I'll be sending you a request for one of the kits. Thank's again for the information!

later2day, I have the "stiffy kit" and e228 on my bike, works well. I don't load the top case heavy but feel comfortable with the set-up that it could handle it if/when necessary.

Great Feedback! I fully intend to get the Stiffy Kit as soon as it is available to nab. I've got a trip planned from Chicopee, MA up 202 to Portland Maine where I will hook up with HWY 1 along the coast to the 4 corners park and then into Canada to hook up with Quebec and Montreal back down to Chicopee. I'll put the bag on with just he E228 and use it only to put my helmet/jacket in when not on the road itself. Otherwise it will stay pretty empty until I get the Kit. I'm in the military though, and I've got a short mission down south that I have to attend so I'll be out of the area from the 17th of June through 1 July. I'll keep checking my messages to see if Gerauld makes any more available and hopefully get it in on the 2nd before I leave on the 3rd of July. Either way, it should be fine for this trip.


This is the reason I installed the Stiffy plate. I received it in a little over a week. Installation took this nubbie less than 1hour. Clean and easy item. Then it was time for the E55 & Admore light upgrade.

PM Sent. I just sent my address, but I have a GenII.

I don't have cracks in the frame and I've been careful not to overfill the softbags I've put there or the factory topbox that I bought a few years ago. Riding 2UP a few times this summer so I may have more stuff along as well. Hopefully that "ounce of prevention" helps.


Stiffy installed. All went nice and easy. I'm impressed with the build quality of the piece. It is made so well that the below can be considered a "flake"


Few pics of the installation:


Without installing it one can barely notice it in place:



And the final picture with the load carrier:


Mine arrived in a badly damaged box with a sticker of apology from USPS saying it was "damaged by machine"... whatever, the bracket didn't have a scratch on it.

Install was easy-peasy once I figured out how the rear plastic came off. No previous cracks in my subframe, but I now have a top box (factory) and will have a pillion for the NAFO ride to CO.. ounce of prevention?

Great job Garauld!

The Gen1 bikes have experienced similar failures - I believe there's a thread floating around out there about it. I have stiffy kits for them as well. PM me for more info.

Stiffy kit, Passenger Backrest, and Large Luggage Rack were installed yesterday. Excellent products and easy to follow instructions. Thanks Gary!