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Jul 2, 2022
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Melissa, Texas
8B953588-522A-4F01-BB77-BD0E67A25A1F.jpegHi everyone – I came across this photo of the FJR I used to own (2005 FJR1300abs) and it got me wondering if she's still running and if anyone has seen her. I bought her used (with less than 500 miles on her – trade in at the HD dealership I worked at) back in 09/2004 in Fern Park, FL (just outside Orlando). I then took over as Editor-in-chief of 2WF.com and through the magazine as a project bike, had a lot of performance and aesthetics upgrades done to her. Nine years after I bought her (longer than I'd ever owned any vehicle in my life) I decided that with my divorce pending, I needed a change. So I sold her and bought a Jeep. Less than a year later (I think it was only a matter of months) one of my riding buddies told me that she was for sale at Champion's Powersports in Eustis, FL. And that's the last I'd heard and seen of her.

She is (or was) pretty distinctive and I'm wondering if anyone on here has seen her or knows about her.


If I remember correctly the red was a Ford metallic red and the black was supposed to be just metallic black. But since the guy painted it for me for free, he decided to try something and mixed some silver in and did something else because, in the sun, the metallic black looked to have a smoky silver undertone to it turning the color into a very deep gunmetal gray type color. It was very, very pretty.

I honestly regret selling it. That was the last bike I owned until I just bought a 2007 Triumph Tiger 1050 a couple months ago. That’s a long break from riding and it feels good to be back in the saddle again (cue the music).
Hello Kenn, Welcome. Do you miss riding an FJR?