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Jun 21, 2005
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Lakehills, TX
Howdy from the Cowboy Capital of the World (or so they claim.)

I think it is time to start planning a trip to the Bandera area as spring must be here. I'm going to throw out Saturday, March 18th as a start. Anyone up for breakfast at the OST and then a ride to visit the Three Sisters?

PS, been so long since I posted anything here, or rode the FJR for that matter, that I feel like a stranger! But it is rested up and ready to roll.

Howdy back to you, Russ!! Sorry, can't make the 18th. But I do plan to make the SA Cycle show on 19th, will look for you there!!


Wish I could make it Russ but we're burying my father in laws ashes that day. Stay in touch though. I'm antsy for a good ride.

On a side note. In the last 6 weeks both my headlights have burned out.

Hey Russ it may be okay for everyone else. Its just not good for me and that Kyote guy. Who is he anyway??? :)

Hi guys. Been a long time since I've posted to this site. Looks like the 18th is a bad day for everyone. It's bad for me also. I have to be in Rockport for a Blue Knight meeting.


Kyote is cool. He has an easy lay back riding style just like us. ;)

FJR Bandit

Hey, now don't be pickin on Ole Kyote!! Just for that, Geezer, you can buy me a coffee at OST!! It's a wise dog that lives to be an old dog!!

Any chance for a Sunday? Thinking about March 26th.

Hey Guys I am riding up to Kingsville to see the Blue Angel Show on April 2nd. Any chance any of ya'll will be there?

I just hate how much spectacular scenery is next to impossible to photograph since there is no shoulder and you're in the middle of a blind turn.

I'm wondering if there may not be some way to mount a still digital camera with a cable release that you could operate. hmm?

Back on topic.......March 26th would be ok I guess. I normally dont ride on Sunday but can make an exception. Kyote rides whenever he pleases so duzn't worry about crowed conditions! (lots of HDs on the HC roads on Sundays...Sats too for that matter.) Somebody make a decision!

On a slightly different note....anyone have a sqeaky rear suspension? Mine sounds like a rubber bushing to metal squeak on compression. Was doing it before I dissasembled and greased everything, replace some bearings and spacers, still doing it.

March and April are really nice months for HC rides, but for me and maybe others in La Grange, Bryan, even Houston area, they are weather driven as they are best when a two or three day event. Being retard--, I mean retired, I'd just soon take advantage of a good weather window in mid-week as hardly-squid, slim motel pickins' weekends. Anyone else interested in this approach?


I prefer off-peak times also. I have not been HC riding in 4 years, the TWT pie run is in Kyle on Saturday and I will be the lonely FJR in a small group of FZ1's in Kerrville this weekend. Say howdy if you are in the 'hood.

On a slightly different note....anyone have a sqeaky rear suspension?  Mine sounds like a rubber bushing to metal squeak on compression.  Was doing it before I dissasembled and greased everything, replace some bearings and spacers, still doing it.

My '05 has the same sound you describe. I am guessing it needs some kind of lubrication, I just need to zero in on it.

Have you seen the ride being put together for Tax weekend?

There will be several from the Houston area riding to Kerrville then on to the Leakey area again.

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I gottta take a look at the tax time ride. OOPSS, just realized, that is Easter weekend as well. My wife and I may do a ride on the LT but prolly wont gather with the fast guys in Kerrville. Might look for them in Leakey.

As for the squeak, I did the whole lube thing, dog bones, swing arm, etc. Squeaked just as badly afterwards as before. I'm thinking now that it is the top pivot for the shock....only thing I didn't have off and lubed. Some day I'll stick a new shock in and then we'll see.

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I'm in for the Kyle Pie Run this Sat., looks like the weather will be excellent- chance to do some of the backroads between La Grange and Kyle...



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