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Hey Russ Is the ride on for tomorrow?

Forecast for Bandera: Partly cloudy and windy. High 74F. Winds SSE at 20 to 30 mph. Looks great except for the gusty winds :erm: .



Sorry I missed your post reply. I dont check here often enough. But I worked on bikes Sunday, never heard from anyone interested in meeting for b'fast.


I think I'll do an April Fools ride next Sat, starting with b'fast at the OST. Probly cant get out wihout Cathy so will bring the LT. Anyone is welcome. And it all depends on weather; we need serious rain! I promise to check back on Friday the 31 of March.


Sander, you there? Can you get away Sat?

Yeah, Sunday just was not working out for a ride. Really gray skies. So wife and I took the car up to Lone Star Motorcycle Museum – Allen and Debbie have made some changes and it looks great!! Sorry I can not make ride on 1st. Maybe later in April or May.

Yeah, where is Sander these days?

I suspect Sander is racing his a$$ off!

I think we'll visit the museum ourselves Sat, haven't been there for quite some time. Like those Aussie Pies!

We'll get together one of these days.

What a poor weekend, crowd wise, it was to head anywhere around Bandera. There were hundreds of HDs, Wings, etc, spread out over every inch of Bandera and Real counties! We hit the museum about 10 minutes ahead of the crowd but everywhere we went we were assaulted with 'life saving' straight pipes. What a PITE (pain in the ear!) The crowds came from an annual rally in Bandera, shudda stayed home. But on the positive side, Allen has a few new bikes since last time I was there. My favorite is an autographed Penton owned by a guy in Kerrville. I remember the Pentons from way back and a few years back had the opportunity to meet John Penton and his son Jack. What a guy! This bike is signed by John on both sides of the tank. The Ariel Square Four that I first saw in pieces in the back is up and running, beautiful bike. Allen said he bought it in boxes right here in SA, thinks it was one of a few imported by a dealer in Houston.

Isn't there a ten day party down in san antone? I'll be down there from the 21st to the 23rd. Staying at a buddy's house. I hear riverwalk will be a walking nightmare.....

Would love to do a Hill Country ride but the feejer is in the shop. You can read about it here.

Maybe soon though, I'm getting antsy.

Well bike still not fixed. Waiting on parts to come in, however I did pick up a new 350 Z Nissan last night. That thing is wanting some curvy roads. Maybe I could bring it. :)


Sure, bring the Z! I had one of the firs 240s, they've come a long way! Sorry to hear about the FJR, mine is running like top at 28,000 miles, finger crossed but YES at the ready!



I have just the thing for you.

24k+ miles, new Avon AV45/AV46 Azaro-ST tires, new rear brake pads, new

rear brake fluid flush, Corbin and stock seat, Yamaha soft bags, very

good shape $5,000




But then you would have the change to StexGTS.

I did a long ride on it today (pictutes above taken today) and it just doesn't match up to the FJR. I keep trying to replace the FJR but it's just such a great bike... So the GTS has to go and I have a TDM850 that needs a new home also. Why did I doubt the FJR?

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I saw it and it is AWESOME! I always wanted one myself but have three many bikes now!


PS, Sandar, where did you go? We missed you at the museum!


Since the group broke up on the way out of Bandera I took a left on 470 and headed to Tarpley, then south on 462 back to Hondo, then 2676 to Rio Medina and then 471 to Castroville.

I thought about y'all Saturday afternoon as I was pulling Agave out of the flower beds...


The GTS is on ebay:

GTS on ebay