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After running over to Cherokee to pickup a t-shirt for the wife, I worked my way over to NC-209 and rode up to Hot Springs then on to Erwin and Unicoi. Then I got on to I-26 and took that to Weber City where I picked up US-58 East to I-81. Finally it was time to get on the slab for the ride home. I arrived at 0645 hours the next morning.

It was a good day with19.5 hours in the saddle
(801 miles according to Google) including fuel and meal stops. Too slow a pace for a SS1K but that never was my intention. I just didn't want to waste money on a motel when I could go home and sleep in my own bed.


I can't wait for EOM 2014 so I can do it all again.

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This was my first EOM, THANKS to everyone that helped put it on, I had a great time and meet some nice people.

As George(Cota95)said we made it home on Wednesday.


Hello all,

We just got back this evening from EOM and doing a weeks vacation down in North Carolina. No dramatic events just a nice relaxing vacation. Added a couple of more states to my roster while down there. Gasoline $2.98 down in Gorgia, you can't beet that. It is still hovering around $3.50 around here in the commonwealth. It was nice to see some FJR folks again at the banquet and I am sorry I didn't have a chance to ride with any of you folks this time around. It may be a good thing cause I usually push the limits anyway. We found some really nice waterfalls and some great roads.

Till next year,

Dave & Ann

Sorry kids! (not really) I'm not home.... sadly we are stuck here at Iron Horse resort still out riding everyday. Another nice day out riding.Hwy 28 ,107.215.64.blue ridge parkway, Three state ride today!