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Oct 8, 2006
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New Baltimore, Mi
Check in here when you get home...

Annette and I are on the road now - we helped BigE get loaded up (thank you to Hank, Anand and Jim for lending a hand!) - he and Sonya headed out with us.

Safe travels.

We're home safe - our heated rain gear performed flawlessly today in the slightly moist and cool conditions. So thankful for all those who continue to join us for EOM every September!!

Apologies for my delayed response. Home safe. Would like to extend a tremendous thank you to Wayne, Annette, Mark and Anand (as well as any others who helped out on Saturday following my mishap). In addition to that would also like to thank Sonya and everyone that Wayne already mentioned in the above thread who helped load my bike so we could get her home. I am in absolute awe with the caring and kindness that you all have shown me this past weekend. Although this was not the way I had hoped my weekend would go, I now feel like I am truly a part of the EOM FJR family. Thank you all for being such amazing people!!! Hoping to see you all next year. Be safe!
As Wayne knows, I hit a pothole in PA on the way to EOM and damaged both rims and tires. My self and Bill (scorpa) limped home 350 miles and brought the bike to Razee Bike shop in RI. My son picked the bike up yesterday after waiting for a rims and total bill was over 2k. New tires, rims, seals, etc. I'm out of town on a cruise and thank you Wayne for my package.