The WHY NOT 2023 is a reality!

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JP and Mel, king and queen of Why Not?. Best roads I've ridden and endless supply of alternative routes. Hardest part was choosing which direction to go. Besides the seriously good breakfasts at the diner and the prime rib from the Elks, the hand-rubbed tri-tip sliders courtesy of JP were not good... they were legendary! That alone could have been worth the trip. Really, the only thing what would have made the weekend better happened when the Ducks beat Texas Tech. Not that I'm an avid follower, but the smile on JP and Mel's faces couldn't be beat! After putting together such a weekend, it would have been a shame to see them depressed. I would be surprised if he wasn't heard in Spokane yelling "INTERCEPTION!!!" end of the fourth.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was great meeting everyone.
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Thanks JP and Mel for putting together a stellar event! Made it home safely, collected Copper from the dog sitter, and couldn't have had a better time, I don't believe.
Glad you got home safe Jim. It was great to meet you and share an awesome breakfast. I'll ride with you any time.

Safe in the barn after 2610 (s)miles. Thanks to JP and Mel for taking the organizing torch and everyone who attended. Great to see new faces and you regular bums. Tasty times, its been a couple years since I've ridden those flat-boring-straight roads...until next time gang!

My Super Ténéré’s tire didn’t make it all the way back to Ventura but we found a great shop in Twin Falls ID. Adventure Motorsports. Props to the folks there!


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I've created a shared Google photo album for the event for anyone wanting to share photos. Feel free to add your photos.
Great pictures Adam. Hope you don't mind that I shared them in the other sandbox.

Rolled into home 5:30. Almost 2k of great riding. Thanks again to JP and Mel, a good time was had by all.
We got home 'bout five last night. We left Baker City Sunday for Walla Walla 83 miles away via Lewiston making it 323 miles. Ripped up the "snake", hit the Old Spiral and settled in at a nice motel in Walla Walla. Took the long way home, passed a Harley and KTM on 19 between Service Creek and Mitchell. Not sure if it chapped them to get passed by a two up with trailer but when we got about five miles down 26 they came roaring up and about a hundred or so and settled in at 80-90 after they passed us. We used em as a bunny till Prineville then hit the Crooked River to finish off the day. All told 1640 miles on our new bike Samuel and he did not disappoint!

Sincerely thanks for all the thanks! I obviously couldn't do it without my lovely bride. It was an absolute pleasure to bring a smile, slider, dinner and a new event to Baker City and we look forward to doing it next year!

I will start a new thread with next years dates and get a room block going at the OTM and if ya don't procrastinate until the last minute you can get a ground floor room!