The WHY NOT 2023 is a reality!

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That was a blast being part of the Why Knot. I made it back to New Seattle Monday afternoon after camping near Goldendale. It was a pleasure to meet so many kind and giving folks. The information and advice I received could not have been found elsewhere. I truly appreciate you guys having me at the Why Not, thank you. A special Thank You to Mel and JP for their efforts. The Oregon Trail staff deserves credit for making us all feel so welcome and going above and beyond their duties with an awesome attitude.

P.S. I knew I was going to have trouble remembering which screen names go with which person. See ya all next year and some of you sooner.
It's always nice to see old friends and make new ones. JP and Mel are to be commended for their organization, especially it being their first go-around. Great venue and delicious dinner. I particularly liked turning off the AC in the room and listening to the Powder River through the open window at night.
2691 Miles of fun. 16 Miles of gravel. 4 States. 3 Fellow inmates that I would trust in any corner. 35 Folks that makes me just smile. 3 Awesome facilitators [JP, Mel, Wayne] that did an amazing job. 1 New front tire [Steve's Sport Center, Great Falls Montana & they were awesome].

Adam, thanks for hosting the photo site. I just added a few pictures.
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