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Jun 13, 2005
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Thornton, CO
I volunteered to help out at this weekend's check in, but was not needed at the time, so I took the opportunity to snap some photos. They can be viewed at my PICTURETRAIL SITE

There are many interesting bikes there, including a 250 Ninja (not the first time this bike has run the rally IIRC)...

I will be back for the check point later in the week to help out with some maintenance chores for a couple of riders, so I will get an opportunity to view the fatigue factor. The folks who ride the bikes I will be working on will be checked into the Ironbutt motel for a brief respite...

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You can do a search on Startraxx, but only riders who are using the equipment will be tracked (anonymously).

So the answer to your question is probably no.



Nice photos

boy some of those hardly look like bikes anymore, they have so much stuff on them.

greetings from Cheyenne


Hey Don,

Last time I saw your bike, it was hummin' with electronics :D

Some of the bikes were pretty bare looking, as far as GPS and other equipment goes.

I'm sorry that I won't see them take off tomorrow, because I have to work.

Let's all keep them in our prayers.

Thanks Bob... interesting to note that theres quite a few of the bikes with the wooden bead covers on the seats....

Awesome pics, thanks Bob.

More info on Startraxx please. All I got was DJ music and assorted entertainment.

Edited: Skyway posted the link:

Startraxx Link

And the general public doesn't think our NASA Space Program has paid any dividends. :D

That 250 Ninja finished 12th in 2003!! :assasin:

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