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Sep 15, 2023
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'05 Gen 1 with a code 19. Will crank, won't start issue. Diagnostic #20 reads "Off" for the kick-stand either up or down while the bike is in gear. I checked the switch for continuity at the connection just under the fuel tank and it shows open and closed depending on the stand position, so I believe the switch is good. Kill switch works a relay under the seat; I hear it actuate when I push the switch to run. The ignition switch is new, so no dirt there.

The bike ran a few days ago, with no issues. Now, issues (code 19). Thoughts?
Have you tried to clear the code? AFAIK, the bike shouldn't even crank if the ECU "thinks" the side stand is down...
Have you tried to clear the code? AFAIK, the bike shouldn't even crank if the ECU "thinks" the side stand is down...
I did via Diag 62. Right back to start it up, big fat 19 on the screen. I tried to put it into gear and leave the kickstand down; did not pull in the clutch. Then, it would not crank. But I'm not sure that's at the ECU vs. ECO. Can't figure out why Diag 21 shows OFF and OFF, no matter the position.
On my '06, code 19 was tripped by the ignition switch. Replaced the switch (twice over the 129K miles) and it got rid of the code.
OK. Did I read somewhere there is a way to jump the switch to verify the contacts? I suppose I can go to the connection for the ignition switch harness and check for continuity.?
You can check the side stand switch circuit by disconnecting the clutch switch two wire connector at the handlebar.

The blue/yellow wire will be grounded when the side stand is up and be an open circuit when down.

Make sure you're not in neutral when checking the side stand switch. The neutral switch can also ground this circuit.

There's a diode in series with the side stand switch which could be bad but not likely.

Once you've proven the side stand switch is good your problem is likely the ignition switch as discussed earlier. The ignition switch is two switches in one. One switch supplies power to almost everything. The other switch just closes and forwards a "ground" from the side stand switch and/or neutral switch to the computer. If the computer doesn't sense "ground" on that input the engine won't run.

Assuming the side stand switch and diode are good you're likely seeing "Off" and "Off" on Code 21 because the ignition switch is blocking/interrupting the signal to the computer.

If the ignition switch is good the engine should run when in neutral since the computer would be sensing "ground" from the neutral switch. However it would stop when shifting into gear unless the side stand was up and grounded.
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I finally had a moment to dig deep to find the issue. So, to close this string out, after being led to the ignition switch, thank you for pointing me in that direction, I tested the switch via the two smaller wires connected to the switch at the red and white connector. They tested fine; open circuit when the switch was "off" and closed circuit when "on". Away from the sitch, the one wire from the stand did read grounded and the other did not. So, I thought the switch was good and a ground signal must be produced to the connection, so on to downstream; probably at the ECU. BUT, when I re-connected the wires at the red and white connection, and on a whim, attempted to re-start the bike, NO CODE 19! Then I wiggled that connection, CODE 19 back. Wiggled it some more, gone. Found it! The red and white connector was simply not staying seated enough even though the two pieces were fully intact. So, a dab of di-electric and a zip-tie, and no issues thus far.
So, my issue was none of the above, but the *$() T$%&) connector!
Well, good information from you all led me to the connector. Just have to check everything.
Thanks to all.