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Laam Seats for Sale

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May 1, 2008
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Amarillo, TX
Have reached the conclusion that the Laam Seats aren't doing it for me. I have taken two trips on the seats, a three day trip into New Mexico and a four day ride into Colorado. Just can't get used to the pocket that Seth builds. Have looked them over and decided not to do the return for mods. With what I would want him to do it would end up being a Sargent seat which I already have. I do like the foam he uses but the pocket just doesn't work for me. He is a great guy to work with and build quality is very nice as everyone can attest.

Lots of satisfied riders on here that swear by the seat so I had to try and see for myself.

Front is Seth's build and the rear is just recovered to match. They are just like brand new and you don't have to wait on a build.

Me 6'3", 34" inseam, 215 pounds with riding gear.

$400.00 and I pay shipping to the 48 states.

Pics on request or can see at:


Wish I could tell you superior sales technique was the key but Seth's reputation trumps my sales ability. I must say it was a pleasure working with him on the build. First class guy.