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Not well. You lose cornering clearance. Get thick-soled boots.

7/8s Kouba links, slipped the front forks 1/2 in. Corbin seat. Much more comfortable for my 29in. inseam. Slipping the front forks seems to improve handling. Need to exercise caution going over curbs and speed bumps. Filed the bump stop on the side stand to correct lean angle when parked. Worked out great for me. YMMV. ;)
I’m 5’6. 8 years ago I installed Soupy’s Adjustable Links combined with their adjustable side stand. Yes, one does have to watch for and avoid tall speed bumps, but I have NO regrets. Install was simple and easily reversible. As for cornering clearance, I have yet to scrape pegs, but then I weigh but 125lbs and may not compress the suspension as much as others. I also slipped the forks a bit, plus wear extra thick soled boots.
On road trips I’m loaded heavy with food, cookware and lots of camping gear so the FJR becomes a lot of bike unless this little guy can get a firm foot plant.
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Has anyone lowered their FJR. if so how did it work out?
Used Soupy's on a previous Honda ST1300 and on an earlier FJR. Worked well for me. 5'8 and a 30" inseam. Able to flat foot the bike now and the only issue with Soupy's was the center stand was nearly impossible to use without putting the rear tire on a 2x4 so I could get the leverage to move it up.

On the current FJR, I went with T-Rex racing stuff, great quality and less expensive. They also sell an adjustable side stand and center stand. So yeah, I don't fly over speed bumps and have not bottomed out. Two up may be another story. But being able to walk the bike and hold it up with more than one leg at a stop is much more important to me. Sorry to see some of the less than serious responses above, however. This is a heavy bike and anything I can do to make it safer for me is worth it.
Has anyone lowered their FJR. if so how did it work out?
Put on Lust dog bones plus adjustable kick stand. No problems, yes it is a bit more difficult to get on the center stand but no biggie. Now I can flat foot at the lights. I did not notice any difference in cornering or going over speed bump but of course I am an old bugger and take it easy. Got the 30 mm set and adjusted the forks by the recommended amount. Worth the effort.
Has anyone lowered their FJR. if so how did it work out?
I installed the Soupy's links and lowered the rear about 3/4". Also slid the forks up about 1/2". I have a 30" inseam so it's worked for me, I roll the bike onto a piece of 3/4" plywood to make getting it on the centre stand easier. The first thing you will drag is the centre stand, AMHIK. The shoes that Bounce posted look tempting!!