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Aug 24, 2012
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Vancouver BC Canada
I have searched and been unable to find a source for a black straight metal valve stem. (that is in stock)
Many sources for offset stems.

Any suggestions appreciated.
I very much appreciate the quick reply.
Plse school me. Your suggestions, and all the others I found that match my criteria on Amazon are marked for automotive use, not motorcycle. I presume the mounting hole is a different size ?
I think cars and most motorcycles have a 11.5 mm hole, but you should verify...
Some motorcycles have an 8.3 mm hole.

As far as I know, an automotive stem should work. (I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.)
The oft quoted size for FJR is 11.3mm mounting hole.

Hoping for confirmation that an automotive 11.5mm stem will work.
I would be surprised if 0.2mm (1.7%) would matter (I doubt there is that much precision in the manufacture). Worst case scenario is to SLIGHTLY ream out the hole in the rim.
I DEFINITELY prefer an angled (90 degree) because any air chuck will work. The long straight hose ends at some gas stations are nearly, if not completely, impossible to use... discs get in the way on the front and the large hub and pipes on the rear.
And I point the stem straight to the side AND to the side of your dominate hand. I'm a righty so I put the rear pointing toward the disc side (so it's easy when you are behind the bike) and the front stem points toward the gear shift side (so I use my right hand when in front of the bike facing toward the rear). Call me crazy, but EVERY bike I have done this on a side job, and every time a friend would check my own pressures, the customer says, "OMG, I can't belief how much better and easier that is". Every Single One. Worth a try IMHO.
I use this type:|tkp:Bk9SR4jCybPhYw
NOT these because you don't need the length (and the leverage of them with a side force puts too much side pressure on the sealing surface:|tkp:BlBMUIjCybPhYw
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