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1500 miles divided by 24 hours equals an average speed of 62.5 MPH.
Sounds IMPOSSIBLE indeed. :unsure:
Try a 2up Trifecta. 1500 miles back to back to back within 72 hours (1500 miles each day). It has only been done once in the IBA history. Not impossible, just have to plan properly and keep the bike moving and overcome any obstacles that occur, like a aux fuel cell valve failure. ;):unsure:
Depends. Are we talking setting the cruise control rolling along the superslab, backside comfortably embraced in a custom saddle behind the windscreen on a farkeled-out litre-plus tourer, stopping for fuel only every 5 gallons or so?

Hey, if that's what floats your boat, have at it. But I know a lot of riders who giggle when they hear such riders claiming to be the "World's Toughest". Try 24 hours on a stock naked half-litre class or 1500 miles cross-country on an enduro.
This is the LONG DISTANCE section of the forum(?)
Easy ride for you…
7 1500 mile days in a row, no cruise, buying a Bushtec at the end of the 5th day, then pulling it on the last 2 days.
Giggle away…
For those familiar to the IBA, you know there are awards given out based on the number of “Stand Alone Certificates” you have accomplished.

The levels (Before this past weeks Jax dinner were:
Platinum (40 certs)
Titanium. (60 certs)
Diamond. (100 certs)
Black. (200 certs)
I post this not as a chest beating post, but as a source of humor. As some on this forum know, I have repeatedly claimed that I would be slowing down with “Just a few more rides that I want to accomplish” Well i am still sticking to that claim, but the first two of these were awarded in Jax:
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Amazing! Well done!