Mixing Michelin Road 6 GT and 4 GT?

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Geez HilltownDave, what air pressures are you using ( and how often / precise do you believe those measurements to be ) ?

For more than a decade, I have watched my own FJR tires' longevity very closely (using a tire guage, logging it periodically in a digital file for both front and rear). I've usually gotten about 15,000Kms (not quite 10,000 miles) on the front, but have never done much better than about 13,000Kms (about 8,000 miles) on the rear.

I almost always buy GT / heavy variant tires, and run 42psi front, 44 psi rear.

I sometimes do buy Battlax T32s for the rear, but must admit I often only get about 10,000Kms (6,000 miles) out of those.
Yep 42 front and 45 rear for me, same deal. Ran pirelli Angels. Before a ride always checked my air pressure with a digi gauge.