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Aug 24, 2012
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Vancouver BC Canada
Hello Montanans

I am going to be traveling thru Montana, Missoula to Glendive early in Sept. Making miles, not sightseeing.

MT-200 or I-90/94?



200 will be the more pleasant way to cross Montana. If you absolutely-positively need to make time and miles, then it is the interstate. Also consider 2 although you are in the same class of road as 200.


Absolutely, take MT-200 for at least a while. A nice break from the I-90, and for a brief while at least, you can kind of feel you're riding through the Swiss Alps.

I-90 to Garrison then take Hwy 12 over MacDonald Pass thru Helena to Townsend. Continue on Hwy 12 thru Deep Creek Canyon, take Hwy 89 south before getting to White Sulphur Springs and then east on Hwy 294 to Martinsdale (good eats at the Crazy Mountain Inn) and continue back until it links back up with Hwy 12. Stay on Hwy 12 to Forsyth and take I-94 to Glendive.... or even better, while on Hwy 12, head north on Hwy 87 at RoundUp to Hwy 244 to Winnett on Hwy 200. Take Hwy 200 to Glendive.

Places with character to eat on Hwy 12: Two Dot bar in Two Dot and the Jersey Lilly in Ingomar.