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May 22, 2007
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Deming, NM
This is my 2016 FJR1300A. I have made many upgrades to it since I purchased it and took these photos.
  • Modifications: Givi V47 Tail bag and mount, V Stream Windscreen, T-Rex front, rear, and stator cover protection, and recently LAAM Custom seats Garmin Zumo, Quad Lock mount, FuzeBlock, STS Smart Turn, STS Locator, QualMount reservoir covers and ball mounts, and a few other farkles soon.
  • History: I picked this bike up on June 28, 2019 at Larry's Motor Sports in Jefferson City, MO. This was sitting in the crate since 2016 along with a second one. I set up the purchase, drove to Amarillo, TX with my wife and daughter then flew to Columbia, MO where the finance manager met me and drove me down to Jefferson City. I took delivery the next morning and rode it from Jefferson City to Amarillo then rode on to Deming, NM and on to San Diego, CA over the next few days. I put over 3K on it during that trip. I had warranty work done on it to replace a stripped motor mount bolt on the right side and had the T-Rex front wheel and engine protectors put on. I have had both recalls done on the bike and have changed from the Bridgestone original tires to Michelin Road 5's. I am currently at 10K miles on the bike and looking forward to putting more on it as I head into retirement in March.


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