NAFO 2016 pics

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OK, here are a couple of LAV's. I know people get slammed for posting video's around here so if you're not into wasting 6 min ea. of your precious time then don't watch, but don't bitch either!

You don't have to sing in your videos to make us like them Miller
Nice views, Thanks!

Dude.... you did not get Lisa from her good side and I suspect from the look she is giving you are going to be seriously bag slapped the next time she sees you.

I usually fail to take pictures at events but…

Here is a "Familiar forum faces" (fff) posting:

I can't believe I missed Tyler (?)

Some wonderful people indeed… well with the exception of the last pic.
Great pics! Just have to wonder what's going on behind Petey and Doug....
RussPerry's seat on his dirtbike must not have been satisfactory.

Petey and I were just discussing how we would obey all the speed limit signs on Hwy 141
I don't remember seeing speed limit signs....
...I remember signs that suggested speeds (for cars) going around curves, well we all know they're not meant for
...right?.. 141 was a hoot!