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Nov 29, 2019
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S.E Pennsylvania
First time FJR owner after about 20 years out of the street bike scene. Just picked up a 2006 standard model with just under 43,000 miles.

Got the fever real bad when I took a weekend ride on a buddy's spare VFR800 through southern New England and Hudson River Valley at the peak of the leaf season.

But 700 miles in a day and a half had me realizing this 55 year old body needs a more upright ride, better wind protection and some luggage. 

After much internet research and lots of YouTube videos it became pretty clear that for my budget, ease of maintenance and performance/handling goals the FJR was the obvious choice.

Only about 100 mostly highway miles so far but I already love the basic package. It's stock with exception of Sargent seat, taller V-Stream windshield and passenger backrest.

Found a few curvy back roads and tried out the cornering. It's a little sketchy feeling on turn in and seems to wander at a medium lean angle, but sticks good and feels OK once leaned over.

I'm hoping the flat spotted rear Bridgestone BT023R is the cause of this as well as suspension set for previous owner at 200 lbs (I'm about 260 geared up).

So first order of business is a new rear tire, the front T30G seems to be about 75% life.

Next job is the rear linkage lube routine, service fork oil and replace a slightly weeping fork seal.

I am definitely open to advice on best tires, with priority leaning toward turn in feel and grip with mileage and wet traction secondary.

I am really looking forward to getting this bike set up for a planned Colorado trip in June.

Congratulations Dale on your new to you find Gen II.  Sounds like you already have a good idea what needs to be done to make it fit better.  New fork seal with new fork fluid and some adjustment and replacing that rear tire should make it plant much better in the corners, because it is a good corner carver.

Save the pennies for an upgrade to the suspension with a rebuildable aftermarket shock - you won't regret it.  Rear for sure and maybe the front springs and possibly cartridge.  Adjustment will help but at 43,000 miles and 13 years, it is getting pretty tired anyway.  New tire will make an amazing difference as well - do the front at the same time and treat yourself.  You can keep the front takeoff as a spare or use it to finish off a season sometime.  Keep pressures at least 40 F and 42 R.  Some people like to go a bit higher.

Dunlop Roadsmart 3, Michelin PR4, Pirelli Angel GT are among the current favorites but there many differing opinions.  Read some of the tire threads in the NEPRT section.

^^^^ 45 K my '06 was draggin arse and wallowing all over...a new Wilbers shock transformed the bike...if you go Wilbers in the future [lowest cost] give your weight @ 30 lbs over as they tend to be undersprung... for tars I'm lovin' Michelin Road 5's..  for now until I've got the bucks I set the forks at max everything..

Welcome from metro Seattle and congrats on the new (to you) '06!

Echoing the troops, tune up the suspension and a new set of tires will transform the bike. At 260# geared up, even new, the stock shock is barely adequate. With 43K on yours it's likely tired. Keep an eye on the For Sale section for deals on used shocks. There's an Ohlins listed there now that'll fill the bill nicely.  Add a set of heavier fork springs to complete the package.