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Tony G

Sep 4, 2022
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Walland tn
Hello guys, I just sold my 07 and hoping to pick up a 2012 in a few days. I wanted a six speed but I’m on a budget like most folks. Great roads here and would love to hook up with others in the area.
Very cool! I'm still looking to buy but am in Western NC so not far. May I ask what you sold your '07 for? Those are a really nice color (y)
Welcome from metro Seattle and congrats on the new (to you) '12! Sounds like the '12 is a nice low-mile find. Enjoy!

Welcome to the forum, Tony. By chance can you share a pic or two of your bikes?
Congrats on your 2012. I got my 2016 in Dec of '21, with just 1801 miles!
I'm in Chattanooga - let me know if you want to meet and ride!

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