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May 30, 2022
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Camden, NC, USA
1978 CB750F SuperSport has not been started in over 2 years, unmolested mostly stock except handlebars exhaust and paint job (never came in those colors. pictures show pod filters but it also has the original air box so that will be converted back. Brakes are frozen Calipers pulled off rotors and hung I may have paid a little to much $1700
but here is my story. in 1979 I made petty officer 3rd class as a aviation electronica tech (AT3) in the USN and bought a new leftover 1978 black and orange CB750F SuperSport. In 1982 the Bike was stolen and never recovered replace it with a 1976 KZ900 and went on with life. Anytime I saw a 78 SS I have wanted it but with a wife and kids it was a toy I could not afford (when I had other bikes). so kids are out and I can afford it. I will start with doing a cam chain tension adjustment and valve adjustment , carb clean, free rebuild brakes paintjob to black and orange I am not going to da a full restore but what I call a Rider Restore (looks mainly stock) pic 1 is a black and orange supersport


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Has it run yet? Or are you waiting to do the CCT and valve adjustment?
Looks to be in decent condition. Good luck with the restoration.
A maroon '78 750F was my first motorcycle. I rode it home from NY to Oregon when I ETS'ed from the Army in 1983. The hook was set; motorcycle touring was for me.
Good luck with the project.
Nice project. Good luck! How about the beautiful VW vintage bus?:)